A Support network for Solo travellers

The Solos are an adventurous group. Many of our members are content to poke around by themselves most of the time. However, it can be daunting for some, especially new Solos, to venture off on their own to discover and explore out-of-the-way places. In a group it is less challenging and so much more fun!  

Tagalongs can take the pressure off. An Adventure Team has done all the hard work – scouting out locations, organising over-night stays, planning groups who travel together. We don’t travel in convoys. Instead, everyone knows the next meeting place. We can drop off and do our own thing, take any route to that destination and have the security to camping together at night – and of course, enjoying happy hour with fellow tagalongers.

There will be tagalongs to the annual rally and to informal meet-ups like bush bashes and country musters, starting from a number of locations - often taking in local festivals along the way. Because these tagalongs are informal groupings, they are covered by our normal personal insurance (not the CMCA’s policy) as is most of our travel.

The destination and composition of each tagalong will vary according to the ideas put forward by members. At times, several tagalongs may converge on a particular place to allow for extra socialisation. In all, tagalongs provide the security of travelling with friends and the opportunity to visit places that might be too confronting for an individual. And, of course, they are entirely voluntary. We can be part of any of the tagalongs or simply travel at our own pace.

Adventure Team Plans for 2020

Hi Everyone, to assist in your Travel Plans for 2020 I thought you may be interested in the Adventure Team’s planned Tagalongs for next year.

Our Tagalongs will start in February and will follow the Murray River from around the Corryong area through to The Mouth in Goolwa, travelling through wine regions of South Australia and the Flinders Ranges then onto Port Augusta. From there we will head up to Alice Springs for the fabulous rally planned  by Gordon and Rainey, giving you the opportunity to visit the amazing Red Centre and all of the Tourist attractions along the way.

From Alice Springs, our plans are then to head north to Darwin, hoping to get to Darwin about Mid-June. This may be handy for anyone that needs to fly home to help out with School Holiday Duties (just a thought). We will then continue to Western Australia. Our initial planning is to slowly take in the Kimberleys and follow the coastline, getting down to the see the Wildflowers around September then to Perth around Christmas, again giving people the opportunity to get home for Christmas.

    The plan after Christmas is to take in the South West of Western Australia.

Of course, we will always be flexible with our planning to allow members to attend the Solos Rally when dates are announced by the Committee.

These Itineraries are in the very early stages of planning and we will always welcome everyone’s input. Hoping this helps you for next years Travels.

Once you have done your travel plans and if you would like to join us next year for all or part of the Tagalong please feel free to email me anytime. My email is Jean.provencollection@bigpond.com

We must have emails, once again, to keep our records for booking purposes.

The Adventure Committee hope you enjoyed Tagalong 2019 and rest assured we will work hard again to make Tagalong 2020 as fun filled and exciting as possible.

Jean and the Adventure Team

IMPORTANT NOTICE           Tagalongs are not sanctioned events.
Solos Network events, (and Chapter gatherings) that have been publicised in The Wanderer, are sanctioned events, and attendees enjoy added levels of insurance cover while in attendance. When we leave those events, we no longer enjoy that extra cover, and our level of insurance (motor vehicle, personal injury, personal indemnity etc.) reverts to our normal day-to-day cover.
Tagalongs are what is often referred to in our jargon as unofficial gatherings (UG), and attendees are wholly responsible for their own insurance cover while participating in a Tagalong.