A Support network for Solo travellers

The Solos are an adventurous group. Many of our members are content to poke around by themselves most of the time. However, it can be daunting for some, especially new Solos, to venture off on their own to discover and explore out-of-the-way places. In a group it is less challenging and so much more fun!  

Tagalongs can take the pressure off. An Adventure Team has done all the hard work – scouting out locations, organising over-night stays, planning groups who travel together. We don’t travel in convoys. Instead, everyone knows the next meeting place. We can drop off and do our own thing, take any route to that destination and have the security to camping together at night – and of course, enjoying happy hour with fellow tagalongers.

There will be tagalongs to the annual rally and to informal meet-ups like bush bashes and country musters, starting from a number of locations - often taking in local festivals along the way. Because these tagalongs are informal groupings, they are covered by our normal personal insurance (not the CMCA’s policy) as is most of our travel.

The destination and composition of each tagalong will vary according to the ideas put forward by members. At times, several tagalongs may converge on a particular place to allow for extra socialisation. In all, tagalongs provide the security of travelling with friends and the opportunity to visit places that might be too confronting for an individual. And, of course, they are entirely voluntary. We can be part of any of the tagalongs or simply travel at our own pace.

Corryong to Wagga Tagalong    
Dates, Destination, Distance, Camps 9 reference number, cost
For more precise information if needed, please contact Jean Rowley 
email:  jean.provencollection@bigpond.com  

08/04,  west towards Wodonga Vic, 109Km, #152 Ludlow’s reserve 5km SE of Bonegillam.
09/04,  Hume Hwy north to Table Top NSW, 35km, #561 Ettamogah Pub, Cost – buy a meal and drink
10/04,  Howlong NSW,48km, #565 Howlong Lions Park.
11/04,  Rutherglen Vic, 5km, #246 Police Paddocks, Just over the border, by river (2 nights)
13/04,  Wahgunya Vic, 30km, #247 Grantham’s Bend, 6km north of Wahgunya (2 nights)
15/04,  Lochart NSW, 120km, #744 Lochart Showgrounds
16/04   The Rock, 42km, #726 The Rock Rec ground
17/04,  Wagga, 32km, #723 Wilks Park
Total 421km

DIANA'S TAGALONG -  Limited numbers
Wagga 18 April to Nakadoo   C886 (near Coonamble) – then join Wagga to Lightening Ridge tagalong.  
           Site numbers from camps 9. Many items flexible depending on people's interests. Diana will discuss options daily and what is of interest to see and do.
           Most days will have 1-2hrs driving except those where we have a rest day. Group may then enjoy a communal meal R and R (rest & recreation rather than rock ‘n roll).

18/4 - Wagga   C723 Wilks park (large free camp, walking distance to shops)
19/4 - Wagga to Junee (RV friendly place). See the round house (old trains) Monte Crysto (old haunted house with lots antiques) and the liquorice factory.
20/4 - Temora to West Wyalong: Fill with fuel (last cheap fuel) Aviation museum. Can camp C854 or Barmedman mineral pool C850 pool cold shower (donation) or
            West Wyalong can camp at showground (fee) or free at Poppet head (where dump point is off highway) at West Wyalong glass factory opposite museum worth a visit.
21/4 - West Wyalong to Lake Cargelligo : W.Wyalong glass factory. Ungarie to see big football commenting 4 Daniher brothers playing football in one team.
           Onto Weethalle to see the painted silos. Camp there or on to Lake Cargelligo.

22-23/4 - Lake Cargelligo    C969 Frogs Hollow right on Lake. No facilities. Free. Dump point and water near. Rest time. Beautiful sun rise over lake.
           Pelicans fish wild life possibly kangaroos. Communal meal. Visit (fee) Steve and Jan who had the clydesdales at Man from Snowy fest. See all close up.
           Chat ask questions. See clydesdales at work. (Numbers required for bookings!)

24-25/4 - Condobolin  
C974 Gum Bend lake. Free (donation) camp. Hot showers. See The utes in the paddock. (may not have their new parking positions,
           can view in storage facility in town if not) Rest and Relax. Good setting if not wet. Bring firewood if you enjoy a fire (dependent on no fire bans), learn to make damper!!

26/4 -  Condobolin to Forbes. Free camp   C845 on lake at Forbes. Dump Point at end of camp area. Water at intervals all the way along. Good shops and fuel price.
            Visit McFeeters motor museum (fee) or walk around the lake along tracks.

27/4 – Forbes to Dubbo. Continue up the highway to MSO stop near airport in Dubbo (No dogs). Those can stay at C830 Red earth estate vineyard.
            Need to book and buy wine. Enroute Parkes possibly has the last Aldi to stock up with grog (maybe Dubbo) as we head north. Also can visit the Parkes telescope.

28/4 – Dubbo to Nakagoo   C886 (near Coonamble).

There we will join the tagalong from Stone the Crows up to Lightning Ridge. Meet all the old faces and some new.

Wagga to Blackall Tagalong     Map
Dates, Destination, Distance, Camps 9 reference number, cost
or more precise information if needed, please contact Jean Rowley    email:  

26/04, West Wyalong Showground, 168km, #849, $
27/04, Peak Hill via Condoblin and Parks, 187km, Bogan Weir Rest Area   or Peak Hill CP ($) or Clubhouse Hotel campground
28/04, Coonamble via Gilgandra and Gularmbone, 240 km, #886, Nakadoo 4km north of Coonamble donation
29/04, Lightning Ridge Outback Resort, 195km, $22 u/p, $30 powered, free camp at Lightning Ridge turnoff (3 nights)
2/05,   Dirranbandi Qld, 136km, #765 Balonne Minor Bridge or CP #764 ($)
3/05,   Bollon via St George, 208km, #721 Wallum Creek, William St, donation
4/05,   Cunnamulla, 182km, Cunnamulla CP $10 u/p, extra for power
5/05,   Wyandra, 100km, #725 campground, behind school, donation
6/05,   Charleville, 101km, #615 77 Adavale Rd,   $5. No Smoking (3 nights)
9/05,    Augathella, 85km, #626 Main St or #628 Riverfront
10/05,  Tambo, 119km, #632 freecamp Stubby Bend (72 hour)
11/05,  Tambo, 25km, #633, Tambo North Rest Area
12/05,  Blackall, 75km, Solos Rally Site
Total km 1,821

Barcaldine to Townsville Tagalong     Map
Dates, Destination, Distance, Camps 9 (all in Qld) reference number, cost.
For more precise information if needed, please contact Jean Rowley      email:  jean.provencollection@bigpond.com      

28/05, Longreach, 106km, Longreach Showgrounds or #361 $3 pay at info centre (3 nights)
31/04, Winton, 180km, Winton Showgrounds or Mistake Creek Junda Rd or #367 Long Waterhole (3 nights)
3/06,   Julia Creek, 295km, McIntyre Park 1km east of Julia Creek ( between 2 bridges) or #308 96 hr free camp
4/06,   Cloncurry, 137km, #313 Clem Walton Dam (2 nights. Travel to Mt Isa?) or #280 Terry Smith Lookout (20 hours)
6/06,   Burke and Wills Roadhouse, 182km, #267 The Roadhouse, various gravel pits, Lawn Hill or Burketown
7/06,   Gregory River, 148km, various bush camps on the rivers or #269 Gregory Downs (Visit Lawn Hill or Burketown?) 3 nights
10/06, Burke and Wills Roadhouse, 148km, #267 The Roadhouse
11/06, Normanton, 207km, #257 Leichhardt Lagoon or #258 Norman River Reserve (2 nights)
13/06, Karumba, 70km, Recreation Grounds/ Golf Club. (3 nights)
16/06, Croyden, 225km, Wikicamps #Croyden Campsite 48 hr.
17/06, Georgetown, 147km, #254 Cumberland Historic Mine Site or #251 Cobbald Gorge Village (Please self book if going there) 2 nights
19/06, Mt Surprise, 82, Bedrock Village CP has been group booked. (Tour to Undarra Lava Tubes) – 2 nights
21/06, Greenvale, 202km, #241 Junction free parking or #243 Greenvale CP
22/06, Charters Towers, 204km, #289 Fletcher’s Creek or Charters Towers Showgrounds (2 nights)
24/06, Townsville, 133 km, Dam Fine rally (27/06 to 1/07/2019)
Distance 2466km, 27 nights camping

IMPORTANT NOTICE           Tagalongs are not sanctioned events.
Solos Network events, (and Chapter gatherings) that have been publicised in The Wanderer, are sanctioned events, and attendees enjoy added levels of insurance cover while in attendance. When we leave those events, we no longer enjoy that extra cover, and our level of insurance (motor vehicle, personal injury, personal indemnity etc.) reverts to our normal day-to-day cover.
Tagalongs are what is often referred to in our jargon as unofficial gatherings (UG), and attendees are wholly responsible for their own insurance cover while participating in a Tagalong.