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"Blackbutt Rally November 7 - 14"

~ ~ ~ Rally Update as at 15th May 2020 ~ ~ ~

Following on from our advice in the recent SOLOS newsletter (April 2020), and the obvious movement towards a further gradual removal of COVID restrictions, we can now give a more up to date picture of where we may be heading in the months ahead.

Planning for our Blackbutt Rally in November is continuing and we are optimistic that this will go ahead, but we are mindful that things can change quickly in these uncertain times. The Rally Registration form is going through its final check and will be released via /The Wanderer /and our website in early June. A copy will also be sent out by email and a notice put on Facebook that it is available.

If Blackbutt is postponed, we are looking for the rally to be re-scheduled to run during the period  27th April to 18th May 2021. If there is no postponement then we will have a gap in about 12 months time to fill.  If a Solos Rally cannot be organised in that time frame, it is possible that we could look at staging one or two Bush Camps on the East coast to fill this - more on this later.

The possibility of returning to Alice Springs is still on the table for June 2022 and this would coincide with a CMCA rally in WA being planned for the spring (and the wild flower season).

We are continuing to look at a possible Solos rally in the spring of 2021 for Victoria.

As we have said previously - this all depends on travel restrictions and border controls allowing a greater freedom of travel. In the meantime stay safe.

Dave Applegate
Rally Liaison Officer


More information will be added as it becomes available