A Support network for Solo travellers

The rallies are a week long and are filled with fun, friendship and frivolity!!  The rallies are attended by Solos all over Australia and are usually held in the show grounds or rodeo grounds of small, country towns. Our plan is for the town to benefit from our input -  both socially and financially. And, it has always, without exception, been a huge success.  Our rallies are a highlight of our life as Solos – it is wonderful to  catch up with old friends and the excitement of establishing friendships with new Solos.

Our first rally of the year is  held in Feb/March/April...anywhere is Australia!   Our second rally is held in the spring Sept/Oct and is traditionally held before, and near, the CMCA rally.  We hold general meetings during both rallies, with the Annual General Meeting at our later rally.

A Rally Manager is appointed and he or she appoints the rally team who are in charge of organising an exciting week-long program for us, things like entertainment, food, dance and music lessons, seminars on various topics - to name a few.   But you can just chill out and do nothing .... just sit there and watch the rally evolve.

Our rallies are themed, so the ball night is a 'dress-up' almost costume party -  so be prepared to bring your own  zany outfits and see what others have created – the crazier the better -  but it is all fun and the laughter and helps keep us young.

So, begin a new chapter in your life
- find a new you, join in on all the fun
-  be challenged, step out of your square ...
-  go on do it!