CMCA Bird Chapters


A Support network for Solo travellers

There are over 100 CMCA chapters, and to help identify those that are predominantly (but not exclusively) for members who travel alone, the use of bird names has been adopted as a standard. There are currently ten ‘bird’ chapters:

                                Blue Wrens     
                                President          Josie Privett              0428 480 235 
                                Secretary          John Blyth                 0408 201 190
                                 President         Lorraine Ellis            0429 458 409
                                 Secretary         Kay Burke                  0408 647 467
                                 Northern Rivers Robins

                                 President        Marion Martin           0416 052 953

                                 Secretary        Marilyn Bromley        0417 317 217

                               SE Qld Kookaburras
                               President           Carel de Boer           0412 783 389
    Secretary           Patricia Austin          0408 701 688
                               Rainbow Lorikeets  
                               President           Kevin Haynes             0409 398 881
                                                           Sue Edwards
              0407 173 406
                                President          Elaine Bowles             0408 724 624
                                Secretary          Rosemary Robinson  0416 180 546  

                                President          Gordon Simons          0418 876 734
                                Secretary          Fay Byrnes                  0419 778 122

                               Tassie Shearwaters
                               President          Geoff Reid               
0409 946 238
Secretary           Joan Banks-Smith  0488220556
                               Eastern Rosellas
                               President          Helen Sceney          0424 065 783
                               Secretary          David Kerrisk           0447 328 999


                               Western Willie Wagtails
        Margaret Jordan     0488521176
                                Secretary         Margaret Jordan     0488521176

Financial members of the CMCA are welcome to participate in any Chapter's activities,
including Solos Network events,  whether they are members of that Chapter or not.
Bird Chapters meet regularly -  usually monthly around their local area, to have a few fun filled days. 
The Blue Wrens Motorhome Chapter 87 was formed in 2008 and roughly covers members from Sydney down to south coast NSW. We have approximately 100 Solo members (68% females). We travel once a month preferably to NSW showgrounds having powered and unpowered sites and organize a minibus for our sightseeing or evening meals at a pub or club. We usually have 16 to 24 solos at our monthly venues. We have the usual morning afternoon tea and happy hour get togethers. Our Facebook page is ‘Blue wrens 87’.   We welcome any CMCA members to join us at any of our meets. 


The Eagles were formed at Broke NSW in February 2006.   From a small membership of around 25 the Eagles have gone from strength to strength over the last 13 years to an active membership of 173 and growing.   The second largest Chapter in the CMCA Network, we average around 30 members plus at each meeting.
From as far north to Port Macquarie, out west to Scone and south to the Central Coast our members love to travel to our monthly outings which are located in the Hunter Region, one of the most pristine camping areas in NSW.   Visitors are welcome to attend.   Our Road Trips are legendary and anyone who is interested in
joining this environmentally focussed group can contact us.


The Northern Rivers Robins are the newest “bird” Chapter, notified of the CMCA Board’s approval on 03 December 2018. Our inaugural meeting was held on 9 February 2019 at Coraki, NSW with 44 Foundation members and lots of friends and visitors.

Based between Tweed and Grafton in north eastern NSW, the new chapter has monthly gatherings and other less formal events such as lunches and tag-a-longs. Many will also travel to the Solos Network rallies twice a year.   Come along to our gatherings, meet more people in the area, share ideas and experiences and have fun.


The SEQ Kookaburras started their travels in September, 2005.
Based on the Gold Coast they mainly visit the Hinterland, South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales. Currently, there are 95 Kookaburras on the register. About two thirds are female and there are several couples who have been solo  birds, remaining in the Chapter after meeting their partners.
The welcoming bush and country towns offer a great stay and are always of interest when we visit.

Walking, card Playing and the occasional disc bowls are all part of the fun and of
course Happy Hour!

The Rainbow Lorikeets are a very active group who meet once per month from Monday to Friday in south-east Queensland, usually north of Brisbane. While basically Solos we enjoy the company of couples who join us regularly, as well as visitors from other States.

Noelene Gibbs and friends in motorhomes / campervans used to meet regularly in unofficial gatherings. In September 2005, realising the benefits of CMCA, the group joined the organization and became The Rainbow Lorikeets – the 76th chapter. We are indebted to these enterprising members as it was the beginning of a very successful group which has continued to expand. Averaging 45 vehicles at each gathering there is much fun to be had with cards, board games and disc bowls as regular events. Our gentlemen provide us with a sausage sizzle at each meeting and usually we go to a club or pub for a meal on another night. Music, dancing, ukuleles are also an integral part of chapter activities.
Our venues are often Showgrounds in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast, Bowls/Country Clubs, School grounds and always once each year back to Lake MacDonald where it all began. It is the members who ‘make a chapter’ and we are blessed with an amazing group from different backgrounds who are able to interact, support each other and most importantly ‘LAUGH MORE, LIVE LONGER’.


While the majority of Kingfishers are based in Bundaberg and Hervey Bay, we are the northern-most Solos Chapter, covering the area of Queensland north of Gympie.  We are a relatively small chapter of around 46 members, now seven years old.  As many members are on the road constantly, it is difficult to get everyone together in one place, but look out when we do!

Apart from monthly Chapter outings, we also meet on the first Wednesday of each month for morning tea/lunch, and find any excuse to get together for social occasions, usually around members birthdays.
Any Solos travelling through the area are most welcome to come to any of our gatherings.


We invite you to come visit the reef and rainforest of the Far North.  You are all more than welcome to join us on any of our chapter outings.
For further information please contact us.   Details are at the top of this page.
We look forward to welcoming new members and visitors as soon as we’re all back on the road travelling. 
Stay safe everyone.

The Tassie Shearwaters, as some of the mainland Solos know, are all about having fun and enjoying life as I’m sure all Solos do.   Our members come from all over this lovely state and meet once a month. We turned 10 in January 2019 and our birthday bash was held at Tunbridge where the original meeting was held. We have certainly grown over those ten years. In 2009 we started with 10 members and now have 41 of which approximately 30 regularly attend camps.

One of the good things about being a member of the Shearwaters is that some of the newer members have said to me that we helped them get their strength back to be able to once again hit the road in their motorhomes after the loss of their partner. They have learnt how to move on with their lives and start enjoying life again. The sad thing about that is sometimes we lose a member for a time as they hit the road on the mainland. But that’s fine - they know they are always welcome when they are ready to come back.
Some of the fun camps we have held are fishing competitions and a black tie/casino night which was great fun.

The formation meeting of the 75th CMCA Chapter was held on Tuesday 13 September 2005 in Bundaberg, Queensland. From this meeting of 36 CMCA members was formed the Eastern Rosellas, a "bird chapter" for solo travellers, covering the whole state of Victoria.

We meet somewhere in the state once a month, for 3-4 days. The choice of location ranges from those with complete ablutions, power and a hall to gather in, to basic sites with toilets only. Several members travel with dogs, and they are usually catered for in our choice of venue.

Our membership is approximately 125, drawn from all over Victoria and as far away as Hay in NSW. We regularly welcome visitors from other Chapters, I think because of our outgoing, fun-loving attitude to life. Although many of us have lost a partner and some have partners who cannot travel, it is not a ‘singles’ group. We have all decided to get on with life and laugh more with friends who understand.

Our activities at Chapter meeting are many and varied; dancing, eating out, playing board games or cards, playing disc bowls, walking, sharing a pizza or birthday cake, sitting by the lake or riverbank, having a drink or a cuppa with people who do not put any pressure on you. Morning tea and Happy Hour are institutions in this club. They are great times to socialise and are often noisy with plenty of laughter.

Western Willie Wagtails meet for four days each month commencing with the second Thursday of the month, which is not necessarily the second weekend. We meet at various venues within 300km of Perth. We are sometimes in free or low-cost camping and others in caravan parks.

We try in summer months to be where there is a lake or dam and in winter, we try to have a hall for shelter and in spring to be north for the wildflowers.  We are not strictly solos and do have couples as members.  We permit dogs but with rules that they must be well controlled at all times and on a lead, must not attend morning tea or any collective dinner but can attend happy hour. We are fairly unstructured, try to have one activity per meet but leave members to their own devices to play board games, cards, read, knit, walk, swim etc.

Bird Chapters meet regularly -  usually monthly around their local area, to have a few fun filled days.