Updated Feb 28, 2021


A Support network for Solo travellers

Who are the Solos?
We are all members of the Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia. Since 1997 we have developed as an Australia-wide network in the CMCA. Within the network, we have the option of joining smaller Chapters.   Chapters with bird names consist predominantly but not exclusively of people travelling solo.

Why do we need a Solos Network? For support from those in the same situation. This takes several forms. For some members, the idea of travelling alone can be very daunting. The Solos provide an opportunity to travel together and get to know others with similar travel plans. Additionally, there is access to membership lists to allow people to make contact with each other. We have a Solos Facebook page and links to other Facebook sites for additional information about what is happening. Every three months a newsletter arrives in your email or snail mail box and a Carrier Pigeon brings urgent and important information when required.

What do we do?
While some members travel alone for all or most of the time, as a group we get together regularly. Because we are an Australia-wide network, we hold rallies anywhere in Australia. At a rally, we gather for about a week twice a year. We have meals together and entertainment, classes and a variety of information sessions, craft and men’s shed, dance lessons, ukulele classes, exercise groups, local tours. The choices are amazing and different at each rally. Equally, you can have a week of just making new friends, planning trips or playing cards and board games. Some of the rallies are even more informal, depending on the location and the facilities available. We’re likely to call these musters. Oh, and we can join tagalongs, where small groups tag along together to specific events or destinations.

How do I join the Solos? That’s easy. If you are a CMCA member and travel alone, you are welcome to join the Solos Network.
This gives you access to all the fun and frivolity and all the support and travel opportunities that you can handle.
See our Membership form & current costs.